Southern Indiana Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

A photographic record and audio demonstration of the pipe organs of Southern Indiana.

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Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University Alumni Hall, Bloomington, Indiana – Fisk

Indiana University Auditorium, Bloomington, Indiana – Schantz, IV/76

Indiana University Auer Hall, Bloomington, Indiana – Fisk

Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana – Dobson mechanical action

Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana – Schantz, 1963

First Christian Church, Bloomington, Indiana – Reuter

St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Bloomington, Indiana

Fairview United Methodist Church, Bloomington, Indiana

First United Methodist Church, Bloomington, Indiana – M.P. Moller

Trinity Episcopal Church, Bloomington, Indiana

Bradford, Indiana

St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Bradford, Indiana – Wicks Organ Company

Columbus, Indiana

First Christian Church of Columbus, Indiana – Aeolian-Skinner, 1942, IV/88 & II/3

North Christian Church of Columbus, Indiana – Holtkamp, III/42

First United Methodist Church of Columbus, Indiana – M.P. Moller

Sandy Hook United Methodist Church, Columbus, Indiana – Reuter Organ Company

First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Indiana – Casavant Freres

Asbury United Methodist, Columbus, Indiana

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Columbus, Indiana – Schantz

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Columbus, Indiana – Dobson

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbus, Indiana – Dobson

Corydon, Indiana

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Corydon, Indiana – M.P. Moller

Ferdinand, Indiana

Monastery Immaculate Conception of Ferdinand, Indiana

Saint Ferdinand Church, Ferdinand, Indiana



Franklin, Indiana

First Presbyterian Church of Franklin, Indiana

Tabernacle Christian Church of Franklin, Indiana

Huntingburg, Indiana

Huntingburg United Methodist Church, Huntingburg, Indiana

Salem United Church of Christ, Huntingburg, Indiana

Jasper, Indiana

Trinity United Church of Christ, Jasper, Indiana

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Jasper, Indiana

Jeffersonville, Indiana

First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville, Indiana

St. Lukes United Church of Christ, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Wall Street United Methodist Church, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Lanesville, Indiana

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Lanesville, Indiana – Berghaus Organ Company

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Lanesville, Indiana – Wicks Organ Company



Madison, Indiana

Christ Episcopal Church, Madison, Indiana

Trinity United Methodist Church, Madison, Indiana

Madison Presbyterian Church, Madison, Indiana

John T. Windle Auditorium, Madison, Indiana – Wm. A. Johnson, 1867

Faith Lutheran Church, Madison, Indiana – Delaware, 1982

St. John’s United Church of Christ, Madison, Indiana – Koehnken & Grimm, 1879

First Christian Church, Madison, Indiana – Temple Organ Company – 1992

First Baptist Church, Madison, Indiana – A.B. Felgemaker – 1900

New Albany, Indiana

Central Christian Church, New Albany, Indiana – Moller


St. John United Presbyterian Church, New Albany, Indiana – Aeolian-Skinner


St. Mark’s United Church of Christ, New Albany, Indiana – M.P. Moller

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, New Albany, Indiana


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, New Albany, Indiana


Trinity United Methodist Church, New Albany, Indiana – Schantz

First Baptist Church, New Albany, Indiana – Pilcher, 1911

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Catholic), New Albany, Indiana – Steiner – 1969 tracker

North Vernon, Indiana

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, North Vernon, Indiana – Wicks

Saint Meinrad, Indiana

Saint Meinrad Archabbey Church, Saint Meinrad, Indiana – Goulding & Wood


Sellersburg, Indiana

Garr Funeral Home, Sellersburg, Indiana

Sellersburg United Methodist Church, Sellersburg, Indiana

Speed Memorial Church, Sellersburg, Indiana

Seymour, Indiana

First Baptist Church, Seymour, Indiana

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Seymour, Indiana – Casavant Freres, 1963

St. Pauls Lutheran, Seymour (Cortland) Indiana, Reuter Pipe Organ Opus #822 relocated to private residence.

For more information on the Reuter 822 visit

In 2010 Reuter Pipe Organ opus 711 was placed in Borchers Chapel:


Recordings are copyright of the respective organist. These recordings are to demonstrate the organs and are not meant to be definitive performances of repertoire. Please contact the performer before attempting to download any recording. Performers may be reached through the webmaster.

As of this last update, over 30 organs have been documented for this website. We will be photographing and recording many more of the historic and interesting pipe organs of Southern Indiana in the future to include on this website.

If you know of a pipe organ located in Southern Indiana that could be documented & recorded please contact the webmaster via email below.