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Harlan Dringenburg

Playing various music & hymns at differerent registrations on the Reuter.

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This movie starts out with Harlan playing the traditional hymn “Abide with Me”.

A few notes on movie, this movie was made just a day or so after the organ had been rewired for the first time after it was installed in a private residence for preservation, and the organ has not been tuned yet. There were two pedal notes that stuck “on” everytime they were depressed. Thus Harlan would have to stop playing and “unstick” the offending pedal notes on occasion which happens a few times thru the movie.

About half way thru you will note the “pedal” shoes worn by Harlan, purchased new the same year (1948) this organ was originally installed at the church.

Harlan was the organist at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for several decades.

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