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Pedal Great Positive

16′ Subbass

8′ Principal

4′ Choral Bass
2′ Mixture III
16′ Fagotto


8′ Principal
8′ Rohr Floete
4′ Octave
4′ Spill Floete
2 2/3′ Nasat T.C.
2′ Spitz Octave
1 3/5′ Terz T.C.
1 1/3′ Mixture III-V

8′ Gedackt Pommer
4′ Koppel Floete
2′ Principal
1 1/3′ Quint
2/3′ Scharf III
8′ Krummhorn

Stop action is electric, providing four pistons for each division and six general pistons.
The console is detached from the main case and positioned in front of the Ruckpositiv. The entire tracker mechanism is of metal.
Phenolic-base plastic is used for the sliders operating in conjunction with telescopic hulls.
A heavy welded steel framework supports the chests and casework, maintaining correct spacing for tracker and slider mechanism at all times.
Welded-steel frames support the console and Ruckspostiv simultaneously.
All voicing is open toe; no nicking is done (Source: September 1969 Diapason Magazine).


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Arioso – J.S. Bach

performed by

Dr. David K. Lamb

May 10, 2006



Alternate Recording:


Rigadon – Andre Campra – David Lamb, Organist